Citrine Tumbled Natural Crystals by the pound

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Experience the Energizing Power of Tumbled Citrine

Natural Rough Crystals by the pound

Immerse yourself in the warm, sunny vibes of Tumbled Citrine. These high-quality, natural crystals are tumbled to smooth perfection, presenting a soft, tactile piece that has a joyous, uplifting energy about it. As a type of quartz, Citrine is believed to carry the power of the sun and be exceptionally beneficial for manifesting, personal will, creativity and energy transformation.

But there's more to Tumbled Citrine than meets the eye. In the realm of metaphysical healing, this attractive crystal isn’t just about its physical beauty. It’s been sought after for centuries due to its unique properties, known to promote motivation, activate creativity and encourage self-expression. Its energy can help you release negative traits, making room for joy, positivity and tranquility in life.

So why choose our Tumbled Citrine? Because quality matters. Our crystals are sourced from reputable mines, guaranteeing their natural authenticity. They are carefully selected, tumbled and hand-polished, and sold by the pound so you can enjoy their radiant beauty in large quantities. These crystals are perfect for meditation, crystal grids, decor or gift-giving.

And here’s the most fantastic part. When you buy our Tumbled Citrine crystals, you are taking a step towards a life filled with positivity and abundance. It's time to embrace the warm, powerful energy of the sun contained in these unique, beautiful stones. Buy our Tumbled Citrine and let your journey towards spiritual growth and prosperity begin.

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