What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

At it’s core Reiki is a form of stress reduction as well as relaxation. Developed by the Japanese, not only does the Reiki do that quite well it’s also used as a way of healing. Of course there are many alternatives to healing, relaxing, and reducing stress. Either through meditation or use of healing crystals, but this technique is also just as effective.

The overall idea of the Reiki is that it revolving around an unseen “life force energy” that we aim to extract through the use of “laying on hands.” The idea is that this life force energy flows through our body and it causes us to feel alive. An essence of sorts. When someone’s “life force energy” is low it means the individual is either stressed our or they are sick. If it’s high they are happy and healthy.

What Does Reiki Mean?

The term Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words: Rei and Ki. Rei means “God’s Wisdom” or “Higher Power” and Ki is “life force energy” The name is suitable because the whole technique revolves around gaining life force energy or balancing it and healing yourself. This is achieved by being guided through Reiki. It’s why Reiki is also known as a “spiritually guided life force energy” ritual.

What’s The Treatment Like?

Going into more detail with this, the use of Reiki is to use the technique to treat the body in it’s entirety. This means not only body, but your emotions, mind as well as your spirit. Reiki is a technique that’ll allow you to get several beneficial effects that will have the stress reduction, relaxation and healing, but also instills feelings of peace, security and overall wellbeing. Many users of this technique have reported miraculous results from applying the technique.

The process itself is simple, safe, and all natural making it a good method for someone to improve themselves, and to receive spiritual healing. Anyone can use it! It’s been seen as an effective means of healing known illnesses and maladies and ever since it’s been used, it’s provided benefits. Because of this, this technique is normally incorporated in not only medical, but therapeutic techniques in order to relieve side effects as well as promote recovery too.

Who Can Use This?

As mentioned above, Reiki can be used by any one person, you need to know how to use it is all. It’s much like a secret club, the password is easy, but hard when you don’t know it. In order to be able to use Reiki it’s typically transferred from an instructor to the pupil during an “attunement” session. Through that session, a student is able to tap into an unlimited supply of this “life force energy” that you can use to enhance your quality of life.

Because of this, it’s not dependent on anyone knowledge or spiritual development. This allows anyone to gain access to this regardless of religious affiliation, intelligence, or spiritualness. It’s been taught to thousands of people of all ages with various backgrounds.

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