What is Meditation?

What is Meditation?

Meditation is not all about transformation or becoming a different, new, or even a better person. At the core of meditation, it’s a training experience that brings awareness as well as allowing us in getting another perspective to situations in our lives.

Through meditation, you’re not turning off thoughts or emotions, instead you are learning to look at events and things around you with any kind of judgement at all. Through regular practice of meditation, you can then begin to have a better grasp of not only those events and scenarios, but also yourself.

What’s mindfulness?

Another way you can look at meditation is that it starts to bring you more to the present. Whether you are dealing with past emotions or soothing future anxieties, meditation allows you to be in a state of mindfulness.

This mindfulness is our ability to live in the moment - being present. Not only that but by bringing our problems to the forefront in there here and now, we’re more engaged in figuring out or by planning what we need to do to solve it.

Meditation is a learned skill

We’re not born with meditation skills, it’s learned much like all the other skills that we can acquire. Just like with developing a habit, a habit at it’s core is doing specific activities that our bodies does automatically. We’ll be using the same type of organs and muscles to perform those activities. With meditation it’s the same idea.

It’s still challenging at first because you’re not used to training the muscles you use for meditation, but you can do it given time. It takes consistent practice in order for something like meditation to be a comfortable activity for you.

Much like with other skills, it’s easier to stick to a habit if you have someone to guide you along. Whether it’s a teacher, a mentor, or a friend. These days, you can also use apps to help with staying committed to something as well. This includes meditation.

Meditation is a practice, not perfect

There is absolutely no such thing as perfection meditation. There’ll be times where our focus will wander off or you’ll forget to follow the breathing patterns you’ve set. That is alright. Mediation is a practice through and through because the most important aspect of meditation is that you are doing it your own way and you are consistent with it.

At the end of the day, those who reap the most from meditation are those who are more focused on the journey as opposed to the destination or the benefits that meditations brings.

The mind is a weird place

There is a lot that goes on in our mind and meditation can bring a lot of that to the forefront. With so much mental bombardments it can be difficult for us to stay on track and focus. It’s in these situations where meditation can help in being more comfortable with your mind. There’ll be setbacks of course, but that’s the same with every journey.

Keep moving forward and by showing up to meditation you are one step ahead of those who aren’t.

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