What are Healing Crystals?

What are Healing Crystals?

Created over millions of years, there are all sorts of different healing crystals out there. However they all share one thing in common: they harness life giving elements of the Earth and universe via the Sun, Moon, and oceans. These semi-precious stones are a way for us to connect to Earth immediately when we are using them.

While many people believe the healing crystals do have curative effects, your experience with crystal will vary as with every other holder as well. It takes conscious effort in order for us to open both heart and mind to the power of crystal healing.

What can they do for me?

Once you start opening your heart you can begin to see what these crystals can do for you. At the beginning the idea behind crystals is for you to manifest your intentions into them. You want to feed the crystal those intentions and what it is you’d like to create in your own life. At the end of the day, these crystals send vibrations through the Earth and will connect based on your intentions.

With every unique intention and though, your crystals will be picking up unique vibrational energy that’ll amplify any positive vibes you are cultivating.

In short, these crystals can help you along your spiritual journey because the crystals and the energy serve as a reminder of your intentions and the connection you share with the Earth. When an intention is well thought out, you’ll begin with a firm and powerful starting point as specific intentions will allow you to create daily thought patterns that’ll become your energy that your crystal will feed off of and give back to you.

Why do the crystals work?

Crystals have been used ever since the dawn of time as well as ancient civilizations. They were used as protective talismans, jewelry or peace offerings. These days, the quartz we use for crystals make up 12% of the Earth’s crust and it’s used in various pieces of technology. From telling time to use as information storage devices, crystals could actually be able to communicate through the use of computer chips and more.

Because of that aspect, some people believe that modern technology can actually serve a greater purpose for us as they allow us to connect to the Earth if they can send vibrations. While it may sound unusual, there is scientific evident pertaining to the power of crystals. A study by an IBM scientist by the name of Marcel Vogel. While he was looking at crystals under a microscope, he noticed that the shape he found took the form of whatever it was he was thinking of at the time.

This makes sense as Albert Einstein once said that everything in our lives is vibration. Much like sound waves our thoughts match our vibrations and we manifest those vibrations into everything in our lives. Crystals are simply another means of providing that.

How should I choose my crystal?

There is of course a wealth of knowledge and experience behind each type of crystal. That knowledge was passed down from generation to generation. That being said, as far as the basics go, you mainly want to rely on your intuition to choose which healing stones you want to bring on your journey. Crystal experts will often say crystals choose the people as opposed to you choose the crystal. So rely on your instincts.

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