The Beauty Of Crystal

The Beauty Of Crystal: Larimar`

Found only in the Caribbean Sea on the island of Hispaniola of the Dominican Republic this blue stone is known by various names including Atlantis stone, Stefillias Stone, and the Dolphin stone

Larimar was first discovered 1916 but wasn't given its name until 1974, when re-discovered by a Dominican who used the first four letters of his daughter's name a L-a-r-i and the Spanish name for sea, M-a-r to create Larimar, and is a registered trademark name.

A type of Blue Pectolite known for its unusual fibrous formation is formed by volcanic eruptions, creating unique needle-like crystals. Calcium deposits build the blue translucent turquoise color that can be streaked with white.

Larimar stones with intense, bright shades of blue are rare and expensive. Larimar stones will often fade when exposed to light, adding to the stone’s value.

Metaphysical Larimar
Due to its volcanic origins, Larimar is said to contain metaphysical powers to balance the energy fo both water and fire.

With the power to silence emotions, Larimar radiates deep feelings of peace and tranquility.
The radiant blue waters of the Caribbean represent a calm transcendent place and is the element of deep emotion.

The occasional red markings enveloped in soft colors of blue, gray and white, the Larimar stone has the power to quiet ‘red' emotions of anger, jealousy, hatred, and rage.

White is connected to the element air and represents larimar's connect with higher, spiritual realms and the mind.

Blue and white together implies this gemstone can bridge the emotions with intellect.

Because of the Larimar stone's ability to open dimensions in both individuals and the earth for evolution, it is both a spiritual healing stone and an earth healing stone.

Some believe the Larimar stone can bring about angelic contact.

The Larimar stone soothes the emotional body, allows for a relaxed state relieving stress and feeling encircles in an oasis of calm.

Larimar and Chakra
The Larimar crystal with its distinct vibration and its cool blue color is centered in the throat chakra and is soothing and calming.

Wear the Larimar stone around your neck when giving a speech or singing in front of an audience to clear your voice and enhance performance.

When the Larimar stone is in direct contact with the body, it can be felt from the heart chakra upwards.
To unblock emotional pain hold the larimar stone to the heart chakra.

How To Use The Larimar Stone
Larimar gemstone can be used in several ways as jewelry, cabochons, and as home decorations. The Larimar stone as a healer is the most popular way to use it.

Wearing the stone will bring balance to auric field, to increase your vibration use it in meditations.
To align yourself with your spiritual properties gaze into its crisp blue and white veins.

Many believe the Larimar stone links the Caribbean to the mystical world of Atlantis, which makes it one of the most potent healing rocks available today.

The Larimar stone reminiscent of the Caribbean sea, its cerulean shade with white embers is a prize unto itself and might awaken something spiritual inside you.

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