The Amazing World of Black Tourmaline

The Amazing World of Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline, also referred to as Schori, is the commonest of the Tourmaline, a member of the aluminum borosilicate family whose crystals may be long and slender or thick and columnar.
This stone is considered one of the most powerful protective stones because of its healing and protective powers on all levels, that is, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels and its versatile energy properties.
Practical Uses
Absorbing radiation
The Black Tourmaline crystal stone is used as an absorbent or shield against electromagnetic radiation associated with electronic equipment like cell phones and computers, and other environmental pollutants.
Electric conductors
Black Tourmaline can also be used for tuning electrical circuits that conduct TV and radio frequencies. This is because it is very durable and can withstand high frequencies without shattering.
Tourmaline heightens the senses especially the sense of smell and the perception of pheromones, producing an aphrodisiac effect.
It is also used to reduce the effects of motion sickness and to restore luster and shine to dull hair and nails. 
Spiritual Uses
Black Tourmaline is relied on for protection against negative and bad energy. It acts as a barrier or psychic shield which will dispel and deflect all destructive energies, forces or entities.
Tourmaline can also be used along with quartz or selenite in making a home protection Crystal Grid where it provides an energetic protective boundary.
This crystal is also used in Feng Shui, and when placed in the four corners of a room or property, Tourmaline has very powerful Feng Shui energy that will protect the inhabitants.
This crystal is used in meditation as a powerful grounding stone. Its electric nature helps to connect the earth and the human spirit.
Tourmaline is used in shamanic rituals to provide protection against negative forces and entities. It is also used in scrying, to predict direction, discover trouble or point out wrong doers, and also as the main ingredient in spiritual cleansing rituals because it clears negative energy.

Physical healing
Black Tourmaline is used in crystal healing and works by realigning the spinal column after injury. It is also used to treat the back, legs, ankles and feet through stimulating the reflex points and providing pain relief for sprains, numbness and arthritis. It’s also used to fight digestive disorders like constipation, irritated bowels, and colon diseases.
It cleanses the body of heavy metal toxins and environmental pollutants, strengthens immunity and fights debilitating disease. The stone is also used to combat dyslexia through enabling the brain to translate coded information and balancing eye and hand coordination.
Emotional healing
Black Tourmaline’s crystal healing works by purifying and neutralizing negative thoughts and internal conflicts, and therefore fighting worry and anxiety. It purifies the body of anger, negative thoughts and depression, and therefore it can be useful in fighting addictions, substance abuse, or suicidal tendencies.
This stone also promotes positive energy and empowerment, giving rise to a positive attitude and vibrancy; stimulating clear and rational thought, self confidence and an objective mental outlook, leading to practical creativity.
The crystal helps control fears and phobias, soothes panic attacks especially those resulting from dark and scary spaces, and aids in restoring a sense of wakefulness and full concentration.

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