Starbraries are rare crystals that go back to ancient times where it was used to read messages along the solar system. They are encoded to have information from people who live in distant galaxies, communicating to others. These are odd crystals that are much about reaching the stars than keeping them because they are beautiful. They are more different any other types of crystals because of their meaning and the age, as old as empires Before Christ. Starbraries have been found in places over the world and not in one location, from the Amazon forest to the Outback desert.

Starbrary is similar to Lemurian Seed Crystals, both of which are filled with intelligence within their making. The Starbrary is more complex because it has a lot more information inside of their crystals. The information is crucial to the human growth and survival as we live on this planet. Starbrary crystals are also a guide to help the planet in times of crisis with its information on engaging to keep people safe. These amazing crystals are now being found more open in different parts of the world because of their power.

Starbrary crystals are identified by the sight of certain markings, etchings, and geometric patterns all over the crystal. Other natural, unpolished quartz crystals do have similar marks, but the energy and detail in a Starbrary is clearly distinct. Most Starbrary crystals will not be named after the star system they are connected to unless they have aneasily identifiable connection to one. There are six different groups of people who are listed to be sending information encoded in Starbrary crystals. The Cassiopeiacan be identified by the flowing lines and symbols along the shaft; the Pleideas are identified by the geometric shapes; the Ursa Minor have a string of Morse code-like symbols on them; Leo is a linear pattern with factual notes on them; Orion features deep ridges to show definite glyphs on the front rather than the side; and Andromeda comes in two forms, double terminated and extraterrestrial, with tiny, but separate formations that can separate the two.

Filled with ancient knowledge, the Starbrary crystals that are found are meant for users to work with its powers.People are interested in making contact with the outer galaxy and discover any life outside of earth. If they decide to respond to, they will open the line through the Starbrary crystal and give us answers many people around the world have been searching for. If in possession of such a gem, regardless of design, this is an extraordinary, precious crystal that workswhen handled properlyand respectably so many can learn the secrets and mysteries such a crystal holds. It is a responsibility to not damage this crystaland to care for it always.

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