Positive and Negative energy crystals

Positive and Negative energy crystals

Crystals are more than just pretty jewels and rocks. Different crystals can be used to tap into different kinds of energy and achieve different outcomes. There are crystals that can be used to bring forth positive energies and those that are used to clear out negative vibrations. These kinds of crystal can be used in combinations to harness and amplify their different unique energies.

Positive energy crystals are those that are used to elicit good feelings and channel good events. These crystals are considered to be healing in a way that they offer crystal healing of the body and mind in ways that science may not be able to do. By cleansing the body, mind and soul and purifying the energies that come for within, positive energy crystals are a viable answer to everyday turmoils that impact negatively on our well being. Positive crystals can also be aligned with the chakras to unlock the potential of each chakra efficiently, helping you to be the best version of yourself possible.

Most positive crystals enable you to cleanse your internal and external space of negative energy and vibes, recharge and renew your energies and prevent negative energy from reaching you. In addition, positive energy crystals also bring the owners deep sense of self-love, confidence, satisfaction and peace; both within and without. Some of these positive energy crystals include rose quartz, turquoise, jade, hematite and citrine to name but a few.

Negative energy crystals on the other hand, are crystals that are used to ward off negative energy from you and your overall space. This they do through a number of ways. These include absorbing the negative energy as is the case with the onyx stone or even eliminating the negative energy completely and storing positive energy in the process. These kinds of crystals are used especially when one feels low or sad, angry, anxious and worried, among many other negative feelings.

Using crystal healing, it is possible to subdue and even get rid of negative energy completely and making sure that you remain in tip top health both mentally and physically.

Combining both negative and positive energy crystals will make it possible to amplify the positive energy effects. This is because while the crystals work to improve the energy around you, the other crystals work towards eliminating the negative energy, making it a win-win situation for you as the owner.

In addition, having both type of crystals will make it possible to be in control of all aspects of your life be it career, business, romance or social interactions.

This will in turn translate into a happier and more fulfilled life where all your chakras are aligned and all your energies are well balanced out in a way that makes it much easier to go on with your life in its best form yet.

Understanding what the different crystals mean and what they can do is key towards selecting which one you will need to have and how well it will serve you.

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