Moonstone Crystals

Tap into abundance and health with Moonstone Crystals

The moon has always been associated with mystery, magic and enchantment… and moonstonesare no different. For centuries, these beautiful crystals have been used in temple rituals and crystal healing because of the belief that they hold the energy of the heavens. These can renew you, cleanse you of negative energies, and give you the insight and clarity to light your path.
The Power of Moonstone Crystals

Moonstone crystals are believed to have “feminine energy” which affects intuition, creativity, emotions, and inner healing. This is the side that people often forget. We are often caught up in the “masculine” world of logic, fact, achievement, conformity and social acceptance. This makes us lose touch with our inner selves. We forget our dreams, we disconnect from emotions, and we cut ourselves us off from other people. This leads to emotional problems like loneliness, discontent, anxiety and fear. And these emotional problems affect our physical and mental health. Anxiety can increase risk for stroke and heart disease, undiagnosed depression can fuel lifestyle habits like alcoholism and overeating – both a factor for several health problems.

Believers in crystalhealing understand that there is a deep connection between our minds and our bodies, and our energies and our health. By embracing our “feminine energy” we achieve inner balance and holistic health. Moonstone crystalscan hep us reconnect to that part of ourselves.

The history of moonstonecrystals
People have been tapping into the power of moonstone crystals for thousands of years. Temple priests would use it to heighten their gifts of prophecy. Travelers would carry moonstone amulets to increase their intuition and warn them of dangers and threats (in fact, moonstones used to be called “travelers’ stones”).

Scholars also believed that these were stones of wisdom, which helped them understand the rhythm and secrets of the universe. For them, the energy of the universe was like a deep well that only had to be tapped and used. The moonstone crystalsgave a way for them to channel that energy to improve physical health, emotional well being, spiritual insight and creative inspiration.

Types of moonstone crystals
Moonstone crystalscome in different colors, from delicate peach and white to deeper shades of blue and gray. Experts in crystal healing say that different types of moonstones bring different benefits. That is why many people will combine several moonstones in a crystal gridin order to complete and magnify their individual powers.

Blue moonstones (sometimes called cat’s eyes) brings mental clarity and sharper insight. These are useful if you wish to improve concentration or self-discernment. If you are trying to find the patterns or obstacles that stop you from achieving your dreams, hold your question in your heart and include moonstones in your crystal grid.

Gray moonstone crystals, on the other hand, are often used in clairvoyance, shamanism, and psychic abilities. These are thought to unlock the secret realms, and heighten the powers of your third eye.
White moonstone crystals can help you achieve emotional harmony and inner balance. These are often recommended by crystal healing experts to people who suffer from anxiety, stress, depression, frequent nightmares or panic attacks, and insecurity.

Peach or yellow moonstone crystals are supposed to be full of loving and positive energy, and are an ideal part of any crystal grid. These will help you reconnect to the abundance in the Universe and in yourself, and fill your heart with a sense of warmth, joy and calm.

Rainbow moonstone crystalsare valued as talismans of protection. These are often used in crystalhealingfor people who are going through a lot of negativity or trying to break through a negative cycle or trauma.

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