Moldavite is a stone that is known for having a great amount of vibration and high frequency. In the past, people used to think of it as a stone with great mystical power and the ability to fulfill wishes.

Even today, these naturally occurring crystals are thought to be extremely powerful for transformation.

In case one is looking to create some change in the life, this stone is a perfect addition. It is also thought of as a way to prevent all the negative energies from entering into your life by keeping them away from your aura.

Where does Moldavite come from?

Moldavite crystals are not spread throughout the world. Hence, you will not find it anywhere other than Czechoslovakia. It is said that about 15 million years ago, a giant meteorite crashed into the Czechoslovakian mountains. As a result of this event, a lot of material that has fallen to Earth melted and gave birth to these green crystals. So pieces of this crystal can only be found in Czechoslovakia primarily near the region of this meteorite collapse.

Behind the creation of Moldavite, there was immense power and energy involved. It is said that the collision of the meteorite resulted in a force that is far more powerful
than a nuclear explosion.

Considering the aerodynamic shapes of this stone, scientists do actually believe that it had fallen from the heavens. Moreover, many of these crystals often include dark inclusions that are thought of as the meteoric matter that got melded together due to heat.

Many people report a slight tingling in the hand which then spreads throughout their body when their first pick one of these crystals. This tingling is described as an intense flush of heat starting from the area of contact up until the chest followed by the face.

Pendants, rings, and other jewelry that is made from these stones are said to have a positive effect on a person’s life. This effect varies from person to person. For the first time,however, a number of people feel the heat. This intense reaction is quite common, and is named as the ‘Moldavite Flush’.

Hence, Moldavite is quite a powerful stone with great crystal healing properties. Because of this reason, many people like to limit the time for which they can wear it until they fully adapt themselves for it. It is used for the release of old painful thoughts that bothers a person.

Moreover, this stone is also thought of as a source of spiritual healing. Again,however, the extent to which it would spiritually heal a person varies. Nevertheless, most people do feel a difference after they start wearing jewelry made of this crystal. The spiritual transformation that this stone takes a person through allows them to connect to themselves on a very deeper level, opening them to the other worlds and dimensions.

Hence, a Moldavite crystal grid is recommended to those people who are seeking a purpose in life and want to get rid of bad past memories. The long-term effects slowly take over, after a person fully adapts to its use.

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