Meanings of Crystals and Jewelry

Meanings of Crystals and Jewelry

Crystals and jewelry have been associated together since they were even found. Many early pieces found were organic in origin and the meanings were determined by them based on how they saw the stone as. It’s beautiful colors and meanings have been utilized to make gorgeous jewelry. It has been used to heal when made apart of the crystal grid for someone who is hurting in some way. There are more questions than answers about the entire slate of crystals but they have been part of healing and fashion forever.

The first references tocrystals comes from ancient times, namely the Sumerians, who used crystals in their formulas. The Ancient Egyptians used multiple crystals in their jewelry including turquoise, emerald, and clear quartz. These stones were used mainly for protection and health, giving a different crystal meaning based on color and shape. Chrysolite, or topaz, was used to fight nightmares and get rid of evil spirits that lurk. Ancient Greeks believed that clear quartz was frozen water; amethyst was a stone that refers to the Greek definition of not being intoxicated, and was worn to prevent getting drunk. And Greek soldiers would usehematite as a shield to symbolize safety in battle.

Crystals and jewelry have played a part in symbolizing religion and are mentioned in the Bible and the Koran. Crystalsareused in the breastplate of Aaron in the book of Exodus while the 4th Heaven is composed of carbuncle in the Koran. Hindu's Kalpa Tree is from precious stone and a 7th-century Buddhist text describes a throne made diamonds by the Tree of Knowledge. These were stones of power and sacrifice to the gods. Jade was the crystal of healing in China, New Zealand, and South America. The Maoris of New Zealand still use jade as a symbol of cleansing.

Here’s a shortlist of crystals and meanings: Amethyst is a very powerful and protective crystal, and a popular choice for many who want inner peace. Aquamarine equals with the energy of water, something sailors have to remain safe while traveling. Bloodstone is a powerful healing stone that detoxifies the body and brings clarity.Carnelian helps people with the fears of death, bringing acceptance of the cycle of life. Fluorite is a highly protective stone used for keeping our spiritual energy at ease. Clear Quartz is the most versatile stone among all crystals that replenishes our strength. 

Today, there are manybooksand websites about crystals, jewelry, and their meaning when wearing them. It is used in crystal therapy, crossing spiritual beliefs and medical use, something part of the New Age therapy. It is not just some random alternative lifestyle, but another mainstream type ofway people use to recover. The use of these crystals can help with many things because of what each stone represents. It is why it is incorporated into fashion because just one of those makes a difference in appeal to those who wear them.

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