Lapis Lazuli

The Crystal Healing Powers of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful blue stone that has always been associated with healing, harmony, and the balance of energy in your body, mind and body. The Egyptian high priests used to wear it as a powerful amulet to channel the positive life force. The ancient Muslims would shape them into amulets to protect themselves from curses and the Evil Eye. The Buddhists used it to ward off negativity energies and bring peace and healing. Ancient Romans even valued it more than gold, because of its powerful qualities not just as healing crystals but aphrodisiacs.

Even today, the lapis lazuli is thought to bring powerful crystal healing. Wear this stone, or use it in a crystal grid, to counteract physical, mental, psychological and spiritual imbalances.

Lapis Lazuli for Physical Crystal Healing
Lapis Lazuli can help clear the throat chakras, so it is particularly effective against diseases that affect the endocrine and thyroid glands, vocal chords, larynx, and ear and nasal pathways.

Women also turn to lapis lazuli to help relieve menstrual pain and irregular menstrual periods. Others say that this healing crystal has decreased the intensity and frequency of their migraines.
Lapis Lazuli can also help with eye and skin irritations and bruises. Just soak it in warm water, and then use the water to wash the irritated area. Alternatively, you can put the lapis lazuli under the sun. Once it is warm, press it against the affected area.

Lapis Lazuli for Mental Crystal Healing
For centuries, this beautiful blue crystal was associated with wisdom, truth and clarity. That is why it’s often used in crystal grids to improve mental awareness and focus. Some people also believe that its ability to bring the mind to a calm but alert state makes it a powerful aid for people who suffer from attention deficit disorder, autism and ADHD.

A lapis lazuli ring or necklace can also be useful for students or professionals. This crystal can help improve concentration and mental skills.
Lapis Lazuli for Emotional Crystal Healing
Sometimes the deepest wounds are those that people can’t see. For those suffering from depression and anxiety, or struggling with childhood trauma or heartbreak, the lapis lazuli can empower you in your journey towards emotional healing.

Just as this stone helped the ancient priests ward off negative energies and attract peace and positivity, it can help you overcome the emotional burdens and achieve inner healing. It will give you clarity so you can ask the right questions, and help see yourself and others with more compassion and forgiveness. While it may not be able to erase the pain – crystal healing is not an escape, or a magic pill that guarantees happiness – it will help you move past it.
Lapis Lazuli’s ability to bring emotional strength also make it a valuable aid for people who are going through a lot of stress or pressure at work. Many people place these crystals in their office, or discreetly wear them as accessories as part of their office attire.

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