The Healing and Transformative Energy of Labradorite Crystals

Are you going through a lot of emotional upheaval right now? Are you in the middle of an important life change? Or maybe it’s the complete opposite: you feel stuck in a rut, unable to take the first step towards a dream that you’ve been putting off for years? If that’s the vase, then you need labradorite crystals.
What are labradorite crystals?
Labradorite has been called “The Stone of Transformation.” It was first discovered in Labrador, Canada (hence the name) and immediately valued not just for its beauty but its powerful crystal healing powers. It can come in a spectrum of different colors – the palest white or green, lavender, yellow, and stunning iridescent gold and blue. Its appearance, and how the colors shimmer under the light of the sun, has prompted some people to call it “Rainbow Moonstone” or “Spectrolite.”
Why is labradorite used in crystal healing?
People believe that labradorite balances the aura and helps heighten your spiritual, psychic and creative abilities.
That’s why these crystals can be so powerful when you are going through personal transformation and change. These can help you tap into your intuition, so you can listen to your heart and gut instincts. It can help you dispel the confusion and conflicting thoughts and feelings. You zero in on what matters, and that can help you move more confidently and purposefully towards your goals.

Labradorite crystals can also help you tap into your imagination. If you feel like your life’s hit a dead end, or if you’re an artist or writer who is suffering from a creative block, it will help heighten your consciousness and help you see new possibilities.
How can I use labradorite crystals to attract positive energy?
Labradorite can also be used on its own, or in a crystalgrid, to help you feel more positive, confident, and in control. It’s natural to feel anxious or sad when you’re going through a lot of life changes. You’re excited about the future, but you’re also afraid to let go of what’s comfortable and familiar. Depending on the circumstances behind the change, you may also feel angry, insecure, or worried about what lies ahead. Labradorite crystalsground you, so you feel calmer and more optimistic, while attracting the help and abundance you need to achieve your dreams.

In fact, labradorite crystals are often called “Good Luck Stones” because of their ability to replace negativity with powerful positivity and abundance. People also feel that it “seals their positive energy” which can protect them from the effects of envy, resentment and the negative energies of other people.
What are the health benefits of labradorite crystals?
Labradorite is used to heal physical ailments, especially those of the eyes and brain. Use it for stress-related headaches, migraines, and blurry vision or eye infections. Since it has powerful balancing properties, it can help regulate metabolism and hormones. That’s why people use it to relieve menstrual pain and high blood pressure. Labradorite is also thought to improve digestion and treat gout and rheumatism.

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