The Gem: Kyanite

This crystal, also known as disthene, rhaeticite or cyanite, is from the aluminum silicate family, appearing either as transparent, or translucent, and with a pearly sheen. It appears in many colors like orange, grey, white, pink, yellow, and more commonly blue, indigo, green and black.
Kyanite often appears as long, striated bladed crystals possessing two distinct hardness occurring both vertically and horizontally. Blue Kyanite is the most commonly used crystal of the Kyanite family.
Practical uses
Industrial uses
Kyanite has a special property of heat resistance, expanding when heated and is therefore used in the manufacture of a wide range of products that require high temperatures but shrink during heating to maintain volume in the finished products. Some of these products are:

Refractory products like bricks, mortars and kiln furniture
Ceramic products like porcelain, dishware, dentures, plumbing, sinks, and bathroom fixtures.
Electronics, electric insulators and abrasives
Brake shoes and clutch facings
Molds for foundries used for casting high-temperature metals
In the railroad and automotive Industries where heat resistance is important
In the manufacture of grinding wheels and cutting disks

Used as a gemstone
Kyanite crystals are transparent and have attractive colors and therefore can be cut into cabochons and faceted semi precious gemstones. They are often referred to as exotic gems, and are rarely found in typical jewel stores though they can be used to make rings, beads and other jewelry, especially by artisans. This is because these crystals are challenging to cut due to their different and distinct hardness.

Spiritual uses
Kyanite is referred to as a universal bridge because of its connecting properties and ability to create pathways where there is none. This healing crystal is one of the only two doesn’t require cleansing as it does not accumulate or retain negative energy, giving it unlimited use, and allowing it to cleanse and clear other crystals.
The energy of this crystal is said to be nurturing as it promotes inner balance, tranquility and calmness as well as protecting from negative influences.
Healing properties

Physical healing
This healing crystal is often used to treat nerve and tissue traumas, broken bones, surgery and severe injury, and can also be used to heal brain trauma, stroke or seizures. It is used to treat muscular and urogenital diseases and disorders of the adrenal glands, throat and the thyroid, and all problems of dexterity and motor responses of the body. This is because of its connectivity healing properties. 

Crystal Healing
This crystal is also used in many forms of crystal based healing and especially in Crystal Resonance Therapy.
Kyanite helps in self discovery and in fulfilling one’s soul path, identity and purpose on earth. For those undergoing depression or destructive behavior, you can make a Kyanite Crystal Healing Grid to get back on track. This Crystal Grid can be made through laying out rows of small Kyanite blades radiating from a central Kyanite in six different directions.

Kyanite is used for transitioning into deep meditative states. It enhances memory and enables a return to past lives or to a probable future. The energy of this crystal is easily accessible, gentle and well balanced and therefore allows easy transition into a deep meditative state. It also aids in accessing the astral plane and enhances psychic abilities, easing connection and transfer of information from higher beings. This crystal also helps in telepathy and in opening the Third Eye in meditation and healing sessions.

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