How To Charge Crystals with the Moon

How To Charge Crystals with the Moon

Almost every 30 days, there is a full moon out and at this point it’s the perfect opportunity to charge crystals with the moon. Because of this rather rare occurrence, it’s something that people who use crystals on the regular should be taking advantage of.

Charging crystals overall is a smart thing to consider if you haven’t done that already. Crystals are great tools for both business with clients, but also for self use too. As such crystals powers do get drained and thus charging them is required. Today we’ll take you step by step how to charge crystals with the moon.
Wash The Crystals Well

You don’t need to go through a full cleansing ritual for this first step, a simple rinse under a faucet will work nicely. Although what is better is using the ocean or a stream if there is one in around your area. Regardless, make sure that you rinse them gently. For more effectiveness, do this step the day before the full moon.

Set The Crystals Out

The optimal time is to put them out just after the sunset out on a natural surface. However if a natural surface isn’t available (i.e. you have animals in your backyard that come out at night) then place them on a neutral surface outside. The last resort is by a window where the crystals can get direct moonlight.

Once you are ready to set them out, take each crystal and announce what you want to let go of in your life. You can repeat the same sentence for each crystal or you can pick something else for each one, but don’t name off more than five different things at a time.

After that you let them bathe in the moonlight.

Pull Them Back In The Morning

Having the crystals charge up from the suns energy after a full moon is a good practice however don’t do it for too long. A good rule of thumb is pull them back in just after sunrise.

Charge Your Crystals With Intentions

After the charging is done, the next thing you want to do is charge the crystals more with your intentions. Charging crystals with the moon is powerful, however by using your intentions at the end will help the energies to focus.

You have the choice on how you want to charge your crystals, either individually or by a collective group. There’s no right or wrong way so follow your instincts on what you want to do.

Closing Ritual

For some people they like to close the ritual off with a simple prayer or a humble bow and gratitude towards the crystals for working so hard. You can do both but it’s always good practice to express gratitude towards your crystals in some manner.

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