Here is why you need crystals

Here is why you need crystals

Crystals have always been cherished for millions of years. We even use them today in our computers and other pieces of technology. However one thing that has always lingered around is their healing abilities. It first came up when the Aztecs revealed they had healing powers due to the crystals. In more recent years, Adele has said she holds a crystal on stage when she’s singing.

Clearly there are many other examples for these people carrying these crystals, but what exactly are their significance? Well to best explain that, let’s look at some of the reasons why people carry them around. These reasons can also explain why you need them in your life.

Connection To Nature

Crystals are said to send vibrations and those vibrations connect back to Earth. In theory, crystals have a deep rooted connection with nature. This is further reinforced by the fact the Earth is comprised of 12% clear Quartz. That being said, each stone has their own unique artwork. Some will sparkle, others will shine. Regardless they allow us to share deeper connections.

Crystals Provide Balance

As mentioned above, crystals have vibrations. Those vibrations can also be known as frequencies as well as energies that align with one of our seven chakras. In short crystals can allow us to balance specific chakras in our body and each crystal can help in influencing that. All in all various crystals will allow you to balance your life is one of your chakras is too big.

Crystals Can Be Healing

It wasn’t just the Aztecs who thought they had healing powers. All throughout history people thought crystals provide healing. These days we know for sure through the use of Ayurvedic medicine, which uses crystal energy in order to correct any kind of emotional, physical, and metaphysical imbalances that we have.

Feeling Positive

Crystals are also soothing for our heart and provide us energy to lift our spirits and energy, but to also make us happy too. Everyone needs happiness in their lives and crystals can help with that.

Feeling Calm

Speaking of positive, crystals can also help you to feel calm. Crystals such as amethyst, hematite or moonstone all have energies that are calming and relaxing for individuals. Part of the reason why we find this crystals calming is that the crystals can cause vibrations that remind us that we can stop, breathe and listen.

Even if your life is in chaos, these crystals can provide moments and opportunities of clarity.

Boost Romantic Emotions

The last of the emotions is allowing us to feel more romantic feelings. Whether that’s love for ourselves or the love of someone close or your partner, crystals are good reminder and send you energy to help you out as well.

Not only that but crystals like the rose quartz can also help in soothing out other areas as well. It’s been known to heal heartache, allow you to drop all the baggage from past relationships and it allows you the opportunity to open more up to love of many forms.

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