Crystals that help with sleep

Crystals that help with sleep

Lack of sleep or insomnia as it I commonly known can be a harrowing experience to just about anyone. There are many different causes of insomnia and some of them have been said to be stress, fatigue, anxiety, and even illness in some instances. Anyone that has experienced insomnia at a given point in their lives knows the importance of being able to quickly fall asleep as soon as your head lands on a pillow, or bed.
As part of the solutions that can be applied in such situations, tapping into the crystal grid by using certain crystals can help you to be able to sleep better. These crystals work by helping you to re-energize your spirit in a way that sleep inducing medication that may be prescribed for use in such situations may not.
Some of the most valuable crystals when it comes to improvement of sleeping pattern include:

1. Amethyst
This crystal is violet in color and is popular when it comes to the purification of the aura and the alignment of chakras. The stone opens up the mind and spirit to in-depth crystal healing that in turn channels healing energy into your subconscious- and effectively your dreams. It also induces deep sleep and has a calming effect to the brain.

2. Clear quartz
This crystal easily find itself among crystal healing stones thanks to its ability to promote healing and love. It can help you to sleep better by removing negative energy and thoughts. By removing this kind of worry, the mind gets to experience calm that makes it possible to experience deep sound sleep.

3. Rose quartz
This gentle rock counteracts harsh energy in the mind and soul and brings about crystal healing with it. In line with its gentleness, it also envelopes the body and mind in a soft protective manner that effectively prevents it from feeling negative energy.

4. Hematite
This stone helps alleviate sleeping problems by simply clearing and de-cluttering the mind, freeing it of all worry. In doing so, it enables the body to relax while at the same time activating the chakra roots and healing emotional distress or pain. It also make it possible for the body to tap into earth energy.

5. Ammonite stone
The ammonite crystal works by repairing your aura while you sleep. This means that it works by removing dark energy from the body and therefore promotes deep and therapeutic relaxation. In addition, it can also help boost the body’s overall immunity as well as the health. By taking out the negative energy, it allows you to have better sleeping patterns and experiences.

Having some of these choice stones under your pillow while you sleep will help you to effectively tap into the crystal grid for some healing energies that will also help you to open align your chakras in combination with other rocks. Tapping into this kind of natural energy will provide a wholesome solution to the issue of lack of sleep as opposed to the quick fix of sleep medication.

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