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5 Crystals to Deal with Depression

Depression to your mind is like cold to your body. It is totally okay to be down in the dumps, provided you get back into the rhythm. Depression is a multifaceted problem that requires multifaceted solutions such as medical assistance, change in lifestyle, meditation, yoga, music, and other therapies. Crystal healing is one such approach wherein individual crystals or crystal grids are used to lessen the imbalances in the major chakras of the human body
There are many, many amazing healing crystals out there to unlock your mental agonies. Here are our top five picks. A Handy Tip: No matter what crystal you choose, they can do the alchemy only if you believe! And remember, there are just the catalysts!!

Citrine is the most popular stone used in crystal healing therapies involving solar plexus chakra – the third chakra in the human body. The yellow stone is believed to carry the power of the sun and has zero negative energy. Thus it helps recognize pure joy by dispelling negativity and cleanses the mind. Whenever you feel life is throwing curveballs, get help from citrine to regain your inner strength. Wear citrine either as a ring (preferably on the index finger of your right hand) or in your pendant.

Rose Quartz
This list will be incomplete without Rose quartz – the stone of universal love! The elegant soft pink stone soothes and energizes the Heart Chakra – the fourth chakra responsible for love, warmth, and compassion. The result - the emotional wounds, fears, and resentments will be thrown out, so there will only be unconditional love. Wearing a Rose Quartz pendant on you is highly recommended if you want to live more compassionately.

Amazonite is excellent to ease the Throat Chakra – the imbalance of which causes mood swings and emotional outbursts, which often lead to depression. Amazonite crystal grids are known as ‘geographic filter crystal’, meaning they can protect the user from all sorts of external irritants and environmental stress. By soothing the anger, irritability, and various other emotions, this stone puts more clarity into your head thus you’ll become a loving, positive person again.

Carnelian is a very effective stone for activating the Sacral Chakra (below the belly button) -the energy center of pleasure, creativity, and enjoyment. Wearing or keeping this orange stone under the pillow or anywhere in your bedroom is said to replace depression with heartfelt joy. In fact, carnelian energy is used in many crystal healing therapies that involve emotional detoxification to strengthen one’s inner self.

This miraculous stone which is over 2 billion years old is said to heal, purify, and restore the energy field of depressed minds. It offers physical, mental, and psychic protection to the wearers by shielding against negativity. Thanks to its positivity promoting power, Shungite clears and balances the chakras. The crystal grid combination of Shungite and Carnelian is great for people suffering from long-term depression.

To sum up, taking a first step is enough to get you on the track again. And this process will work so much better if you have crystal healing at your side.

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