Crystals for your bedroom

Crystals for your bedroom

We all look forward to going to bed after a long day of work or whatever activities we may have taken part in. Nothing, however, kills the mojo faster than having trouble relaxing in your own bedroom for whatever reason. Some of these reasons include anxiety, insomnia, restlessness among others. Such events can put a real dump in your sleeping patterns and this can lead to other consequences directly and indirectly.

A good way to ensure that sleep time or simple relaxation time is something that you continually look forward to is to consider using crystal in your bedroom. Crystal healing is continuously becoming a viable option among many people that are seeking peace of mind, balance and prosperity. In addition, crystal healing allows you to tap into the energy available in the crystal grid and use it to maintain a balance of the different aspects in your life. On top of that, using crystal healing also allows you to align your chakras perfectly.
Some of the must have crystals in your bedroom include:

1. Amethyst
This crystal is one the best to use to ward off negative energy in your sleep. It also helps reduce stress and increase focus on important things in your life. It has a calming effects on the thoughts and can be good for getting rid of nightmares. Having a polished amethyst in your bedroom will improve your state of mind both when you are awake or asleep.

2. Quartz
This stones come in a variety of colors but are mostly known for being gentle. The rocks absorb negative vibes while amplifying the positive energies creating an overall calming effect. It also helps boost the immune system and helps improve mental capabilities as well.

3. Onyx
This is one of the most valuable stones that one can have in their bedroom. This is because it helps prevent the drain of personal energy from you while at the same time it absorbs negative energy and transforms it. Onyx is best used in combination with other stones to amplify the effects.

4. Jade
This stone is considered to be one of the prosperity stones; it attracts wealth, abundance and good luck. It also helps boost the immune system by balancing bodily fluids and helping to get rid of toxin from within the body. Being both a healing and a lucky stone, having a jade crystal in your bedroom covers your well being as well as your success in love, career or business.

5. Selenite
This stone is best known for its protective traits. It can help to protect you from negative energy and influences. It also brings forth peace and serenity withing a space or a person. It also releases and aligns the higher chakras.
All these stones and crystals will work differently when placed in different parts of your room to ensure that you have peaceful nights that are filled with deep sleep and no nightmares. Your mental well-being is also taken care of through the balancing actions of each different stone.

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