Crystals For Protection

Crystals For Protection

In the world of Chakra, people hold onto the best crystals that can find for their own safety. People want a crystal that prevents them from being affected by any bad energy that could be flowing from anywhere. Other people who pass by may be stressedand angry, transmitting notions of basic negative human emotions that leads to other bad vibes. It comes in different forms and people have their own reasons to shield things that they find scary more than others. Crime, bad luck, and even voodoo, people take crystals as a defensive shield everywhere they go. Here are a few crystals from the grid that people like to choose.


This crystal is mainly used to fend of any threat of attack by physical or wishful means. People who hate you that decide to speak of rumors and fantasize about your downfall is really hurtful. It can be for a variety of reasons; labradorite is a buffer to prevent the mind or heart feeling such a threat from outside forces who have their ill will against you.

Blue Kyanite

This is a crystal that serves to heal against manipulation, bullying, and lying. Blue kyanite keeps our conscience clear of any worrying, anxiety, self-doubt, and second guessing. It helps use see what is really being said by others who feel intent to give their hostility towards you for bad reasons like brainwashing and gaslighting.

Spirit Quartz

This crystal takes on fear and expands your intuition against any bad spirits at home. You can pick up fear’s influence and where it is coming from and why it is giving such down vibes. By fighting it off, fear has nothing to gain on you as your safe from its internal damage.


A person who is healthy and fit with a consistent spiritual sense will know their boundaries and needs to keep a balanced, positive mindset.We need to be strong and clear from negative thoughts, even as daily stress comes into our lives. But the higher the stress,the worse the habits are, leading to unhealthy intakes such as drugs, excess sugar, and alcohol.Infinite help us get us straight with our daily intake of foods and not go into the junk that harms our health.

Apache Tear

This is part of the crystalhealing mechanism to help those in grief or who have suffered a traumatic event.This crystal slowly changes the energy of one’s feelings and experiences into one that helps the heart and soul repair itself.It is a great crystal for those who work as healers, such as those who work in the medical feel.

All on the crystal grid, these crystal healing powers held in hand helps individuals get through their day. To them, all spirits that could harm them are not a threat and the good vibes stay around them, ensuring their safety through troubling times of life and within society.

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