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5 Healing Crystals To Attract Love

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Where there is love there is life.” Simple enlightening quote, isn’t it? So where does love come from? From god, from the heart, from the hypothalamus…. different brains will give different answers! But in spiritual and crystal healing disciplines, Heart Chakra – the fourth chakra in the human body - is the controlling center of love and compassion. Humans accept and extend love through a fully open Heart Chakra. But sometimes, Heart Chakra behaves strangely by closing its channel. The result – less to zero love and more pain! The good news is Heart chakra can be cleared and balanced using appropriate healing crystal grids.
Below are our top 5 crystals for love. You can keep them under the pillow, hold them during crystal healing practices or meditation, or wear them as jewelry.

The dashing green stone is popularly known as the transformation zone for its ability to heal the painful past so the wearer can attract love from within as well as from outside. Crystal healing practitioners recommend sleeping with Malachite on the heart chakra. Wearing the stone as a crystal grid pedant over the heart also works.
A handy tip: for healing the past wounds, try wearing a crystal grid of Malachite, Amazonite, Snowflake Obsidian, Mangano Calcite, and Amethyst.

Rose Quartz
We would be remiss if we didn’t mention Rose Quartz. Whether you want self-love, passionate love, unconditional love or any form of love, this is the only crystal you’ll ever want. Not only this crystal opens your heart chakra, but it soothes the emotional turmoil and cleanses your aura. Wear it on your necklace or keep it by your bedside preferably in the love sector – back right corner of the bedroom to attract more and more heart emojis.

Green Adventurine
Popularly known as the ‘Stone of Love, Luck, and Abundance’, Green Adventurine’s energy opens up the heart chakra, diffuses negativity, and gives comfort and protection to your heart. It also increases the confidence to explore and accept new love into your life.
How to use: You can either place it beside the bed or wear it as a pendant.

Also known as Imperial Topaz, Pink Topaz is considered as the symbol of eternity since ancient times because its regal pink undertone remains unchanged for centuries. Crystal Healing experts believe that Pink Topaz has some serious lunar connections. It stimulates the Heart Chakra to attract love and compassion. It also encourages hope and positive attitude by dissolving sadness. If you want to comfort your heart and soul, go for Pink Topaz.

The stone of love and balance addresses both Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra to direct the user towards love, positivity, and peace of mind. This healing crystal is the perfect choice to make the broken heart beat again. The vibrational energy of the stone brings out forgiveness hidden deep down so you can heal the heart effortlessly.

Whether you’re a single man/woman looking for new love or married and looking to keep things romantic, it never hurts to have a crystal grid to conquer the tricky heart (or heart chakra?).

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