Crystals And Ancient Times

Crystals And Ancient Times

Cultures throughout history have used crystals for enhancement of emotion, physical and spiritual harmony. How the ancient's came to know of healing and enhancement power of minerals, gems, and diamonds we may never know.
Ancient Egyptians

To balance Ba and Ka energies or the body, Pharaohs carried quartz placed in cylinders. Ladies of Egyptian royalty, such as Cleopatra, put crushed Lapis Lazuli stones on their eyes to associate themselves with Isis, the Sky Goddess. In preparation for the afterlife, the Egyptians buried their dead with quartz placed on the forehead.

Ancient Greeks
Greek soldiers rubbed crushed hematite on their bodies before going into battle to make them invincible. The Greek word “Krustallos,” meaning ‘ice’ is believed to be the root word for ‘crystal.’ Many ancients believed that clear quartz crystals were eternal ice from the heavens.

Ancient Chinese
Chinese Emperors were often buried in Jade armor, others were buried wearing jade masks. Ancient Chinese healers used Jade for healing the kidneys.

Ancient Legends
A metaphysical legend is centered around a civilization known as Lemuria, similar to Atlantis, more advanced and peaceful. When the Lemurians were about to leave their earthly existence behind, they seeded quartz crystals with ancient Lemurian knowledge and wisdom. These Lemurian Quartz Crystals were left on earth for future civilizations to find.

To receive this Lemurian knowledge, your rub your finger along the “barcode" on the side of the Lemurian Quartz Crystal to activate and download the Lemurian expertise and wisdom.

Ancient Beliefs
In fifth-century Greece, Pythagoreans believed the sun to be a larger than earth crystal ball that gathered ambient light and directed it to earth. Not written about as modern day scholars did not recognize that fifth century Greeks knew anything about lenses. Yet, it is understood that crystal lenses date back to the Fourth Dynasty of Egypt's the Old Kingdom.

The Ancients And Crystal Healing
Amulets of Baltic Amber date back 30,000 years ago and amber beads dated over 10,000 years old have been found in Britain. This fuels the fact that the ancients were familiar with gems, crystals, and quartz quite possibly before recorded time.

The Ancient Sumerians are the first to be recorded for using crystals in their magic formulas. The Ancient Egyptian believed that stones could protect their health and drive off evil spirits
Emeralds considered a symbol of Ireland were actually mined in Ancient Egypt as far back as 3,000 BC. Ancient Egyptians wore the green jewels as a symbol of rebirth and fertility.

Throughout history, every civilization has had an attraction to gems, quartz, and crystals and used them for many different purposes. They were worn for status, as cosmetics, for physical and metaphysical protection, made into jewelry, and for healing.

Crystals And Modern Times
Yes, we still use these geological wonders in today's modern society. They are worn as jewelry, revered for their healing powers and much more. The crystal citrine, lemon colored, believed to attract energy and wealth. Workers are carrying citrine in their pockets or sewing the stone in the hems of clothing in hopes of attracting success in their finances. It appears that the worship of crystals is as alive and it was in Ancient Egypt.

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