Clearing Negative Energy With Crystals

Clearing Negative Energy With Crystals

A person’s energy is often expressed in what they say, do and feel most of the time. If a person likes to complain, criticize, chase drama and generally have bad things to say and do then chances are that they have some negative energy about them. This negative energy also manifests in the subconscious that then becomes amplified through dreams. It is quite easy to pick up on someone that has negative energy about them because this kind of energy tend to throw off people around. Babies and pets can often identify people that give off negative vibes much easier.

We have all experienced some low moments at different times in our lives. How we deal with such situations vary from person to person. Some of the ways in which we can use to get rid of this kind of energy include meditation, exercising, yoga and other fun activities. For a long time, activities such as burning candles and incense have been used to clear out negative energy by relaxing the mind and getting rid of bad thoughts.

Crystals can also be used to clear negative energy from the body, mind and soul. Some of these crystals include:

1. Selenite
Selenite crystals amplify the good energy in any room and removes the bad or negative energy at the same time. The crystals also bring on some calming energy that improves the mindset remarkably keeping off negative energy. It’s protective energies also help keep away negative energy from you and your space.

2. Amethyst
An amethyst stone has some strong energy fields around it that can help create balance and calmness of the whole person. This is especially beneficial when you sleep as it also makes it possible to keep off negative energy from within your sleep, making sure that you do not have bad dreams. Having a polished amethyst under your pillow will help tune it’s functionality better as it has very strong energy.

3. Amber
This stone is particularly great for unwinding and relaxing because of the positive energies that it brings forth. It also cleanses the space of negative and toxic energy leaving you feeling relaxed and calm.

4. Citrine
This stone is good for use particularly in removing negative thoughts and focusing on important tasks. It enables the mind to tune out bad thoughts and focus on productive thoughts. This makes it the best crystal to have in rooms where you do serious thinking or work that needs concentration.

5. Clear quartz
This tone helps to mitigate negative thoughts and energies that may affect your energy significantly. Having it in a room where you tend to be in after a long day will help mitigate such energies and boost your self-love as well as your confidence.

There are even more crystal that can be used to remove negative energy and protect from the same. This can be effectively achieved through using different combinations of crystals in order to max their potential and get the best protection of your space.

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