Blue Tiger’s Eye

Blue Tiger’s Eye crystals considered as the most ancient crystal among all th other stones and is also feared as the all seeing all knowing eye. It is said that this stone gifts its wearer an ability to observe things even via closed doors. For centuries, egyptians used this stone as eyes on their deities in order to express an all-knowing vision. It is believed that jewelleries made by this stone provide a great amount of protection from the Earth and Sun combined together. These refer to Geb who is the growing land’s god and Ra who is the sun god. Also referred to as the king of all stones, tiger’s eye is characteristic of great courage and power. It is also regarded as a stone that brings great fortune to the one who wears it. At the same time, it is known to prevent evil eye from people and from those who threaten you.

This marvellous stone is still has magnificent and captivating as it was in past due to the chatoyant layers. This stone is warm to wear which simply reflects the energy that the Earth and the Sun possesses hence synthesizing with their frequencies. Atop that, it also brings a lot stability and integrates the physical world with the spiritual world. At the same time, it provides a lot of balance to people allowing them to move out of the world of right and wrong, dark and light, and good and bad. This allows people to develop a higher state of consciousness and to understand the unity between the opposite pairs. In other words, this stone helps in the addition of great reasoning and reflection of spirit in each and every action that one takes in their life. Hence, the crystal healing properties of this stone are rather remarkable.

Tiger’s eye is highly effective as an eye formation stone. It is thought of as being vigilant for ever and adds a lot of clarity into a person’s inner vision which allows them to understand the cause and effect of every problem. Moreover, it also provides encouragement of using one’s powers in a wise manner while bringing all the information together into a single cohesive totality. All in all, tiger’s eye is responsible for bringing support in each and every aspect of life. It also strengthens the will of people and provides them clearer intentions allowing them to manifest all their thoughts and wishes into the real world. It also provides a lot of inspiration to one’s creativity allowing a person to utilize each and every aspect of their talent. Ultimately, a person accumulates a great amount of wealth and power, along with the judgment that is required to maintain the wealth.

A crystal grid of blue tiger’s eye would be very rich layers of the blue color and is known for a great bluish and brownish texture. This remarkable display of chatoyancy is rather unique. It is thought that the blue tiger’s eye is a variant of the pseudomorphof  Quartz that is present in the form of Crocidolite fibers which was later replaced by the chalcedony Quartz while retaining the original asbestos fiber shape. Hence it is quite commonly used in crystal healing.

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