Black Agate

Agate is a type of cryptocrystalline quartz that is composed of Silicon Dioxide. This stone is often found in layers of Geodes. Agate is found all over the globe, and has been given a number of different names that all correspond to various varieties. Some of these names are referred to the crystal’s source while other names refer to the pattern and color. A number of people remain confused between Jasper and Agate primarily because of their similarities. However, Jasper has an opaque appearance and Agate is translucent in nature.

In Agate, there are two types of bandings. One of these bandings is a line banding in which single bandings lie perpendicular to each other and to the direction of growth of these fibers. The other type is horizontal banding that contains small chalcedony spherulites layers spaced in an irregular fashion.

Agate gets its name from river Achetes. The Neolithic people were the first to discover Agate. The Egyptians are known to have used this stone far before 3000 BC. Moreover, there have been reports of Agate jewelry in ancient India.

Agate crystals are considered to have very powerful and stabilizing influences which can allow a person to develop a great amount of resonance and connection with a number of energy patterns. This depends on the variety or the type of stone that is used.

When placed near the heart chakra, it can heal emotional problems and diseases that prevent a person from accepting love.

When it is placed in the abdomen, also referred to as the sacral chakra, or when it is taken as a crystal water, it heals the digestive processes and relieves problems such as gastritis. At the same time, Agate is also known to stimulate the crown chakra which brings the earth and celestial energy all into the aura of a person, hence combining them together with the body. Hence, it has great crystal healing properties.

Similarly, when it is placed near the third eye it results in the cutting of the mental cords that were attached to a toxic person hence recovering all the energy that went to drain.

There are a number of colors in which an Agate crystal grid is found. However, it is commonly found in colors such as yellow, orange, black, pink, salmon, brown, grey, and white. Less commonly, it also appears in shades such as greyish blue and violet. However, shades such as deep green and blue are very rare. This color difference occurs as a result of the minerals that are embedded in the stone. Most common of these minerals include hydroxides and iron oxides resulting in the yellowish brown shade. In the pure form,however, Agate has a bluish grey or a grey texture.

Black colored Agate is known for its courage and success providing capabilities. Hence, it is perfect for athletes. At the same time, blue Agate forms a connection between the physical plain and the spiritual plain hence providing psychic abilities and great intuition to a person.

This is indeed a very valuable stone that everyone should wear in the form of jewellery depending on the most suitable type.

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