Attracting wealth with crystals

Attracting wealth with crystals

While for some people crystals may be nothing but attractive stones but for others, crystals are a conduit through which different energies are absorbed, directed or focused towards achieving different ends. Among these ends include crystals that are used to attract money, wealth and abundance. Some of these crystals include:

1. Aventurine
The name aventurine comes from the latin word for chance- Aventura. This crystal is also known as the good luck stone as a result of its widespread use in attracting wealth and the best of luck. While it comes in different colors, the most common color that is used for this purpose is the green one. The stone helps to bring forth stability in financial dealings and creating good luck and joy when it comes to dealings that involve money.

1. Amber
Amber crystal can be used to get back money that has been lost and also make even more money. The crystal brings forth positive happenings in one’s life including through counteracting negative energies and effectively bringing on crystal healing. Additionally, the crystal also brings luck and overall prosperity.

1. Citrine
Widely referred to as the merchant’s stone of wealth, this stone is used to attract money and good tidings as well. Other than the good tidings, it also brings prosperity when it comes to financial transactions and dealings. It is also a good crystal for overall personal confidence and well-being. Another benefit of the citrine crystal is that it helps with wise spending and saving decisions as well.

1. Jade
This crystal is green in color and is used to attract money and good fortune. It is also used to keep growing financially. It is said to provide clarity when it comes to the making of critical decisions regarding finances. In addition to attracting wealth and good luck, it is also used to create a balance in life and attract more friends.

1. Rubies
They are not only beautiful crystals but also well known for their ability to attract good fortune and foster soul connections. Through bringing forth good luck, rubies bring along successes in different aspects of life including in business, social interactions and career moves.

1. Topaz
This is yet another crystal that I well known for its crystal healing energies. The stones are quite popular for use in attracting wealth by improving the power of the will and making it possible to make sound financial decisions. These decisions translate into strong financial positions.

Most of these crystals are not only beautiful to the eye but also beneficial to the whole well being of the person. Having these crystals, among others, placed close to the chakras that they unlock will be beneficial towards helping you have good luck and make the bet financial decisions that will not just grow you financially but also keep improving your financial capabilities consistently.
In addition to aligning the chakras and bringing forth prosperity, these stones also bring about crystal healing through their different energies that work towards improving the mental state of the person.

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