Ranking among the crystal grid as one of the metaphysical, few crystals are as notable and distinguishable as amethyst. With its unique purple color, amethyst is a quartz that has iron and other minerals used as a calming stone to work in a person’s emotional, spiritual, and physical state. This crystal healing stone promotes balanceand peace and removes impatience from within. Amethyst is a stone that was highly prized in the ancient world and still is today. It is a stone that can be found everywhere, most notably dug up in Greece, Italy, the Middle East, and Northern Africa.

Amethyst is a crystal healing gemstone with the purpose of raising our intellectual powers and even psychic powers. It is a stone that is donut raise our mental state to continue a drive for a better IQ, a skill always sought that is learned and discovered in school and even used as a symbol among social class where one can pursue a higher education in more tougher schools. Plus, it is an emotional leader is getting you through tough situations and give a clear mind to what is out there and make choices that are sensible in those very tough times. This makes amethyst an invaluable crystal when you need to solve issues with others, where many things are on the line, such as important life situations. It is a stone to guide while going through such rough waters.

Amethyst is a great crystal that helps those who are sick to energize and get their energy back. It’s a healer because it strengthens our glands, reproductive organs, and, most importantly, the heart. It helps treat of disorders that affect our lungs, pancreas, and spleen; it promotes fertility and strengthen our reproductive system. Amethyst can also work on the immune system, providing a faster recovery from sickness and relieves us from stress, shaving off the toxins in the body. Emotionally, amethyst is part of the crystal healing grid to heal personal grief and get us to slowly move on with our lives.

There is also the pro of helping out in attaining personal wealth, success, and creating more love to others. It creatives a faster output, better ideas, and quality of work. It’s the perfect crystal to put on your desk to create high productivity and establish peace in your professional work and boost prosperity. It establishes your true self rather than be influenced by others to try to fill in other people’s wants. This will be realized only when you are truly honest with yourself and you feel genuine happiness. Amethyst makes you understand your own needs, wants, and desires in a loving relationship. It opens your heart up to others and empowers you to do things and entrust others.

Amethyst has a lot of good things from its healing powers that works wonders. It comes out of the grid as a stone of all-use power that fits into the many needs and wants somebody would seek. This is why amethyst is powerful and popular to the naked eye.

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